Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jef Left - s/t ep (1981, Aye & Emm)

It would appear that Jef 'Left' his short-lived music industry perch promptly after this ep was released, cos' so far as I can tell, there wasn't hide nor hair of him evidenced again (at least not according to many a search engine).  Kind of a shame on A&M's part, because the naggingly catchy "Street Survivor" could have been marketed as "power pop," at least in that Rick Springfield sort of manner.  Ditto for the mellower "Girls in Cars."  "No Security" could pass for a slightly more mainstreamed Devo, and "The Beat's" rasta tones make for some very obvious reggae plundering.  And from the 'obvious' we shift to the painfully 'gratuitous,' specifically the tank-top shot of the man in question gracing the back cover.  Of course, you'll have to swallow a morsel of your pride in the name of downloading this to examine for yourself.

01. Street Survivor
02. The Beat
03. Wound Too Tight
04. No Security
05. Girls in Cars

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Erik Hammen said...

I got this record when it came out and out in the boonies, the approach was "I'll buy anything that looks remotely punk". It has its moments, but definitely reflects some of the horribleness of the LA new wave scene of the time.