Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Bogarts - Huh? tape - (1991, Grasshopper)

Like many bands hailing from the deep south, you might reckon that the Auburn, AL based Bogarts spiced up their rock and roll with some southern fried gusto - and spice it up they did, kicking up a plume of dust a la the Georgia Satellites and Tom Petty at moments.  However, some of the janglier gems adorning this tape, specifically "Now or Never" and "What Were You Thinking," suggest the band was tuned into the likes of R.E.M., The Reivers, and even Dixie-mates the Primitons.  Huh? isn't particularly groundbreaking, but still a treat. 

01. Sad, Sad Sunday
02. To the Sun
03. Now or Never
04. Grass is Always Greener
05. The Reactor
06. You Don't Know
07. What Were You Thinking


Popville said...

I reckon this will be purty near awesome.

bglobe313 said...

Well, that write up is enough to make me take the plunge. You made it clear this isn't "the great unheard tape" but you also suggested something worthwhile. And for followers of this site, that's good enough.

Ace K./Bruce

CH1914 said...
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CH1914 said...
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TigerStar said...

I was friends with the lead singer. I would really like a copy of this tape. I had one for years but lost it in a house fire.