Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Deacons - With Hope and Sincerity 7'' (199?, Pogostick)

Here's a slab of Brooklyn post-punk that was minted at some point in the '90s, before that locale painted a new-school whitewash on what is now a ubiquitous sound.  In all honesty, I should stress the "punk" quotient, because that's what the Rich Stremme-lead Deacons emphasize on ...Hope and Sincerity's three bristling numbers.  Perhaps it's Stremme's unique vocal penchant, or the working class themes explored within, but the Deacons naggingly bring to mind Stiff Little Fingers.  The quartet's sonic aptitude wavers towards DIY minimalism, but the less-is-more thing is typically a selling point here.  One Base on an Overthrow dedicated some text to a split single these chaps did in 2009, which you can peruse here

A1. Paper Soldier
A2. D Train to Brighton
B. Dreams of the World

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