Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Scratch Bongowax 7" ep (1991, Dionysus)

I was introduced to this fairly prolific Thousand Oak, CA crew via the crucial, Ben Weasel-curated Punk USA compilation Though plenty snide and irreverent, Scratch Bongowax's pop and cranky garage-rawk tangents must have made them stick out like out like a sore thumb amongst their purist punk contemporaries.  Mudhoney by way of Mr. T Experience?  Sort of - and to large extent it actually works.  As for the defaced visages adorning the cover, this somewhat unsettling "motif" would carry over to each and every future S/B record sleeve.  A thorough and mildly entertaining bio can be enjoyed at their Myspace corner of the web, and their discography is detailed here

01. Pall Bearing Insurance Collecting Widows
02. Teenrage
03. Thirtynothing
04. You'll Want Me Back Someday


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