Friday, April 12, 2013

Hummingbirds - "Word Gets Around' 7" (1989, Rooart), "Alimony" 12" (1990, Rooart)

How's this for a grossly belated follow-up?  About five and a half years ago I featured the Hummingbird's scrumptious, Mitch Easter-produced loveBUZZ album, and haven't uttered their name since.  In the interim I've obtained a pair of singles contemporary to that LP, each bearing an exclusive b-side.  The 'birds were a co-ed Sydney, OZ four-piece who weaved indelible jangle-pop songs, the quality control of each befitting a greatest hits album.  Deeper background details have been made available about them in my loveBuzz post, due in large part to some thoughtful commenters.

"Word Gets Around" is a soaring saccharine high if there ever was one, that manages to avoid any insipid transgressions.  The flip, "Today of All Days" constitutes the icing on an already gratifying cake, thanks to a bevy of chiming arpeggios worth their weight in six-string gold.  "Alimony's" ballad-esque b-side "Candle" settles for a slower pace, clocking in at just over six minutes.  Side two of this 12" also features "Word Gets Around," but since it's the same iteration as the supplied 45 version, I opted not to be redundant.  As for the d/l link to loveBUZZ, I plan on updating it shortly.

Word Gets Around 7"
A. Word Gets Around
B.  Today of All Days

Alimony 12"
A. Alimony
B. Candle


dubvulture said...

Wonderful stuff. Thank you for this and Love Buzz.

bglobe313 said...

Great band. I'm pretty sure I was first tipped to them by your earlier post. Turned out a friend had been kicking herself for years for lending that CD to a "friend" who moved out of state and never returned it. Happy to point her in the direction of a replacement.

Ace K.

ro said...

Great band, great sound. Hopefully you will upload other stuff from this band. Thanks for sharing.