Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Lanes - You & Your Ideas (2002, Linear B)

Winnipeg's Lanes strike me as something of an indie guitar-rock holdover from the '90s.  Chunky riffs, sweet tunings and endearingly roughhewn arrangements are thoughtfully deposited into You & Your Ideas ten generally smart ideas (albeit a tad soggy behind the ears).  Two different vocalists keep things interesting, though I'm much more preferable to the one that handles the better half of these selections.  Think early Get Up Kids and Muler intermingled with a smorgasbord of Chapel Hill influences.  The only pertinent copy I was able to locate for this trio was a review floating the idea that the Lanes were akin to "Rush attempting to write Weezer-type tunes."  Perhaps the most laughably and grossly inaccurate assertion I've read in my entire life...and that's saying a lot. 

01. She Treats Me Like a Magazine
02. Comic Reliever
03. Pain
04. Sun/Stereo
05. Atlantic Ocean
06. Farrah
07. Banter Between the Pictures
08. Microfilm
09. The Beige Capital
10. King of the Cool Kids


Unknown said...

Hey man, it's great to have this album revisited. In recent weeks it seems a few people have been going back to it and the second album Meltdown. I was the drummer.

While I love this album it does indeed have flaws. Even though the release date was 2002, these songs were mostly written in the late 90s and I think very reflective of that.

I may try and post Meltdown online since a few others have asked for it. I can let you know.

Unknown said...

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