Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nocturnal Projections (Peter Jefferies) - Nerve Ends in Power Lines (1995, Raffmond)

Prior to his collaborations with a bevy of home country figureheads, not to mention his own outright solo endeavors, noted Kiwi Peter Jefferies made a caustic and occasionally tuneful noise with his brother Graeme in the Nocturnal Projections, circa the early-80s.  While Peter eventually went on to relative notoriety and acclaim, it was Graeme's jittery guitar leads that splattered the Projections canvas with vivid aplomb, particularly on the aggressively fervent "In Purgatory," "Moving Forward," and "Walk in a Straight Line," all of which practically scream "post-punk" from every pore.  Brilliance.  Elsewhere, faint proto-goth gestures ooze their way into NP's sonic slipstream, suggesting that the brothers Jefferies may have been early adopters of Bauhaus and Echo and the Bunnymen.  In their lifespan, the New Zealand quartet released merely a handful of eps.  Nerve Ends in Power Lines compiles various fragments of all of them, padding on unreleased material to boot.  As an extra special bonus, there are no less than four hidden tracks, culled from "self-released cassettes," per The Doledrums blog, who have been thoughtful enough to supply us the titles of which.   

This rip was taken from my own CD copy, which from what I understand is just about as scarce as the original Nocturnal Projections 12" eps.  I've separated all the hidden tracks for your convenience.

01. In Purgatory
02. People Who Told Me
03. Another Year
04. Difficult Days
05. Walk in a Straight Line
06. You'll Never Know
07. No Problems Here
08. Moving Forward
09. Could it Be Increased?
10. Nerve Ends in Power Lines
11. Restoration

hidden tracks
12. The Down Song
13. Alone in the Corner
14. Obsessions
15. Inmates in Images


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