Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Popealopes - Cavalcade (1991, Skyclad)

In honor of the appointment of the new pontiff, I present you with the third album from Davis, CA's Popealopes.  I've dedicated previous entries to these not-so-papal blokes, most recently a review of the Yolo County Line rarities collection, and before that, their first two disks, An Adders Tale and Kerosene.  The Popealopes were a unique collegiate indie proposition, with a penchant for wailing, slow-burning guitar salvos that negotiated a spot between Carlos Santana and Black Francis.  Negligible traces of psych and spaghetti western still manage to crop up, but by the time they hit Cavalcade the Popes' were a bold, well-oiled machine of their own making.  Incidentally the follow-up to this platter, 1994's Slowest Eye is available from Amazon downloads and iTunes

01. Monkey Driver
02. Sunyata
03. Water Tower
04. Summer's Triangle
05. Pic
06. Sailor Song
07. Cavalcade
08. Southernmind
09. Knot You
10. Sunyata (remix)


Stathis said...


except that there's a problem with netkups, can you please repost "Adders Tale" & "Kerosene"?

Thank you very much

Best Regards
Efsathiou Stathis

Rolo Tomasi said...

502 Bad Gateway!

spavid said...

The Netkups issue resolved itself by this morning.

Am planning to re-up Kerosene, The last I heard the band was still selling copies of Adders Tale, but we'll see.

Chad Wilson said...

I think former drummer and band archivist John Nelson still has CD copies of Yolo County Line and An Adder's Tale available. You can contact him on the band facebook page.

Chad Wilson said...
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Koyott said...

Link is dead..Please reup please !