Saturday, November 17, 2012

You know that it's more than a catchphrase...

I think I'll tide you over with this juicy nugget until I have the opportunity to digitize more vinyl and such.  This is a live-to-air broadcast of a 1994 Velocity Girl gig in Atlanta, where for the half-hour these songs occupied the airwaves it was an all-Simpatico affair.  I'm not sure if this was the entirety of the concert, but if indeed it was, and if Simpatico is your VG album of choice you've hit the jackpot.  Barring some minor equipment foibles, this is a primo performance.

Velocity Girl, X-Radio, Atlanta 7-29-94

1. Drug Girls
2. There's Only One Thing Left To Say
3. What You Left Behind
4. Tripping Wires
5. The All-Consumer
6. Sorry Again
7. I Can't Stop Smiling
8. Medio Core
9. Rubble



trapink said...

Wow! Thanks much — more Velocity Girl please.

soniklife said...

Thank you!! Velocity Girl is one of my all time faves but I never got to see em live which always bummed me out.