Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Fugue - Waiting for Something (1987, Door-to-Door)

The Fugue presumably resided in the Ann Arbor, MI area, though "presumably" is the key word given the utter dearth of details on this long departed quartet.  Their spin on collegiate pop 'n' roll was fairly streamlined with Waiting For Something exuding few obvious 'RIYL' signifiers.  The Pedaljets and Libertines (US) perhaps, but otherwise I'm drawing a blank, despite genuinely inspired moments like "Happiness Cage," "Ghosts" and the melodramatic "I Was Living in Your Eye."  I'd be happy to learn more about the Fugue, so if any of you have the dirt, comment away.

01. Ghosts
02. Evening Lasts All Day
03. 1964
04. Epilogue
05. Happiness Cage
06. Last Car of the Train
07. Standing on Water
08. I Do Care
09. I Was Living in Your Eye
10. After the Rain



Marta said...

A beautiful album. Thank you very much.

Arno Klein said...

When I lived in Ann Arbor next to the University of Michigan campus, I discovered this album boxed by the hundreds sitting out on a lawn in front of a house with other discarded items. It appeared as if the band had lost their home. I took three of the boxes home with me, and they may still be in my mother's attic!

spavid said...

Amazing story! Thanks for commenting. You're quite the Samaritan.

Arno Klein said...

Information on the album:

Eric Bucsela (bass, vocals)
Ron Carnell (drums)
John Petrini (guitar, vocals)
Rob Schurgin (guitars, vocals)

door-to-door records
908 E. Ann, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Pete Banbert, engineer
'ole one-eyed Hank, cover layout

Rynoventoux said...

Please re-upload! Thanks.