Monday, November 19, 2012

Outside World - s/t tape (1989)

By the middle and end of the '80s there were oodles of "modern rock" bands who were commercially viable enough to warrant a modicum of airplay on mainstream FM outlets.  Most of them were one or no-hit wonders, exemplified by the likes of Red Rockers, Frozen Ghost, Rhythm Corps and An Emotional Fish - and that's merely scratching the surface.  Minneapolis' Outside World loosely slotted into this tricky mold, but for better or worse they didn't make it onto the rosters of Atlantic, Polygram or for that matter any corporate music entity.  Instead, Outside World had the luxury of retaining what credibility they had, which was considerable on chiming guitar blasts like "Suicidal Weekend," "Drawing Lines" and "Miss Desire."  The only pertinent outside link I was able to conjure up on this quartet was the video for "Suicidal Weekend" which I've made available below.

01. Suicidal Weekend
02. Green to Blues
03. Home
04. Bankrupt
05. It's Back to Me
06. Water
07. Drawing Lines
08. Bridges
09. Sarcasm and Metaphor
10. Just Like a Movie
11. Chameleon
12. Miss Desire


bglobe313 said...

The song on the video is enough to induce me to want to hear the whole thing. Thanks, as always, for making this stuff available.


ELXOSE80 said...

"Chameleon" is a great song.
Thanks for sharing another outstanding album.

spavid said...

Glad you like. The video sold me on the band as well.

Unknown said...

Was listening to my cassette of this album today, and did an internet search to see if I could find anything. Nice post and nice video (link). I was given this tape by the band's bassist, who I used to work with.

Kihotio said...

Can you please re-upload this? Link is dead

RoomTracks said...

Could you please reupload this?

caneda said...

kindly re-upload pleaseee....thank you in advance..

VIM said...