Saturday, November 10, 2012

Desperate Hours - s/t ep (1986, March)

This dandy ep was the product of a Long Beach, CA duo consisting of Bob Waller and Rafe AtkinsonDesperate Hours exuded a colorful and vibrantly melodic strain of indie-guitar rock with a surplus of punky momentum.  "Who Sets the Changes" and "Day Street" are chockablock with the kind of verve and vitality that few of their contemporaries could for Husker Du (hint hint).  Atkinson's head-spinning guitar salvos occasionally foreshadow the sonic aplomb of early '90s cult faves Head Candy and Polyphemus (if you're acquainted with either of those bands I think you'll know where I'm coming from).  There's not a stitch of info to be gleaned online regarding Desperate Hours, which is a shame given the caliber of this record.  A big round of applause goes to Thad for setting me up with this disk.

01. Who Sets the Changes
02. Under Strain
03. Day Street
04. On This River
05. Crashing Sea



Unknown said...

unrelated - do you have any moko bovo (cleveland oh)?

spavid said...

I'm afraid not. Sorry.

Unknown said...

Can you re-upload this one? I have on song , Under Strain, and it is fantastic.

Unknown said...

Thanks for re-upload!

hagus said...

Hey! Any chance of a re-upload?

Vegas said...

Rafe Atkinson aka Brian Leary who went on to do be Polyphemus on Beggars!