Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pink Lincolns - Headache (1989, Musical Tragedies)

My buddy over at Punk Archives blog notified me last week that he had finally come into possession of one of his holy grails, the Pink Lincolns ultra-scarce, 1989 sophomore effort Headache.  Released only in Europe in a limited run of a mere 500 copies, Headache was the follow up to the comparatively more findable Back From the Pink Room (recently reissued I should add).  This often snotty, tongue-in-cheek punk aggregation was based in Florida, and on this record the Lincolns suggest what a merger of what the Queers and early Mr. T Experience could have spawned.  Maybe.  Possibly.  Well, not exactly, but close enough.  From what I recall these guys had a good following, and might still be in existence in one configuration or another.  Pink Lincolns.  Pretty in punk.  A link to the full dozen-song album is below, and you can read the original entry at Punk Archives here.

Expanded version available on Bandcamp.


Dave said...

Awesome, I've been looking for this album for a while as well. Thanks very much!

lolo said...

Hi, any chance of re-upping this one?

Thank you very much