Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Senseless Things - Empire of the Senseless (1993, Sony)

I name-dropped these guys in my Ludicrous Lollipops post last night. The Senseless Things were more than a little in the same vein as the Lollipops, however their catalog was much, much more robust. Was fairly blown away by their sophomore effort The First of Too Many around 1991 or thereabouts. Boasting a good 16 songs from what I recall, they had a pretty neat thing going with their vibrant melange of the Buzzcocks, and then-current bands like The Wonder Stuff and Mega City Four. Calling London, England their home, the Things churned out four albums spanning 1989-95. This post concerns their third LP, Empire of the Senseless, a marked departure from The First... Equipped with a glossier studio sheen, a slower pace, and a heavier albeit more dynamic sonic aptitude, The Senseless Things definitely made Empire something of an acquired taste. It's key single, the brash "Homophobic Asshole" made minor waves in the UK, but the record never saw the light of day Stateside. There's been copious amounts written and blogged about the band online, but the cream of the crop may be the band's official webpage with oodles of multimedia, discography details, and MP3s of rare material to download.

01. Homophobic Asshole
02. Keepsake
03. Tempting Kate
04. Hold It Down
05. Counting Friends
06. Just One Reason
07. Cruel Moon
08. Primary Instinct
09. Rise Song (For Dean And Gene)
10. Ice Skating At The Milky Way
11. Say What You Will
12. Runaways
13. unlisted track

Folks, it looks like the band have their sights set on reissuing this (if only digitally) in the not-too-distant-future, so I've pulled the link for now. Sorry!


YankeeBoy said...

Senseless Things were, along with the Mega City 4 one of the bands that made the 90s truly worthwhile in my opinion. I was fortunate enough to see them when they played a few gigs in NYC - they were incredible. Unfortunately many of the downloads from mrmagoo's blog are no longer valid so if you could post more by these guys it would be greatly appreciated.

Contaminator said...

Many thanks for sharing, spavid. Listening right now. Cheers! :)

Donna said...

hello! thank you for the amazing blog! Could you possibly re-up the SENSELESS THINGS "Empire Of The Senseless" album? Thank you very much!


spavid said...

The link has been updated.

Paul.C. said...

Many thanks mate.

Adam said...

Re-up please? I had never heard of these guys but "Easy To Smile" came on my YouTube Mix when I was listening to Mega City Four. Now I gotta hear more! Thanks!!!