Friday, October 30, 2009

The Killjoys - Gimme Five (1996, WEA Canada)

By request, here's the second album from one of Canada's best exports of the '90s, The Killjoys. Gimme Five was forged in a nearly identical mold to it's predecessor, Starry, previously shared this September. Translation: more punky, power chord-ridden rawk with significant nods to The Lemonheads and the Doughboys. Gotta love it.

01. Rave + Drool
02. Like I Care
03. Sick of You
04. Like a Girl Jesus
05. Soaked
06. Space Girl

07. Brand New Neighbor
08. Look Like Me
09. C-monkey
10. Everything
11. Grown Up Scared
12. Exit Wound
13. Rec Room


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Todd said...

Someone recommended The Killjoys to me tonight, and I'm not finding much about them except here. Any chance of a reup, pretty please?