Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ludicrous Lollipops - A Part ep & Scrumdiddlyumptious ep (1992, Damaged Goods)

Coventry England's Ludicrous Lollipops have long been a mix tape favorite of mine, ever since 1992 when a pen pal of mine returned from a sojourn to the UK with a fat stack o' inide wax and some blank C-90 Fuji cassettes. Groomed on vivacious pop-punksters Ned's Atomic Dustbin, and to a lesser extent The Senseless Things, The Lollipops were a veritable celebration of the music and era that gave life to them. Immensely upbeat with a sly, socially-conscious subtext, they released all but four records in their brief three-year run, and sadly not one of those was a bona fide full length.

I'm presenting about half of their discography in this post, all vinyl I might add, with the bulk of their oeuvre made available on the Damaged Goods label. Precious few copies of either the A Part and Scrumdiddlyumptious eps made it to this side of the pond. "Disinheritance," from the first of the aforementioned disks delivers an adrenaline surge several-fold more invigorating than say, Ned's "Kill Your Television." Elsewhere on the same ep "Godiva" sports a chronic ska fixation, while any given number on Scrumdiddlyumptious will easily satisfy the palettes of those that subscribe to combos like Mega City Four and 3 1/2 Minutes, the latter of whom are also featured on these pages. Either of the hyperlinks above will take you to a detailed Lollipops fan-site, and yes, they also speak in Myspace
Scrumdiddlyumptious ep
01. Lies About My Life
02. Brag
03. Time Spent Hiding
04. Smile
A Part ep
01. A Part
02. Disinheritance
03. Gidiva


Unknown said...

Did you not include the Mush 7" and the Mush 6" because you are missing them? I would be happy to rip them and send them over to you. Thank you for posting these tracks, the band was fantastic and I might be the only person in the USA to have one of their t-shirts as well!

spavid said...


Indeed I do not have those two records. Would love to hear them whenever you get the opportunity digitize them. Many thanks. I also forgot to mention in my post yesterday that L/L released a bunch of tapes as well, so if anyone knows anything about those...

corbypunk said...

Thanks for posting, not heard these in years! we used to see these in leicester & cambridge all the time, Happy days!We even cheekilly swiped their nelodica when they left it on stage after a gig once