Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Philisteens - Turn Up the Music ep (1982, Radio Free America)

Here's the third, and perhaps last record I will ever have the pleasure of sharing by one of the finest bands to ever call Albuquerque, NM their home. A lot of you were blown away by the Philisteens self-titled LP, which I posted this past March, and for damn good reason I might add. I believe this four-cut ep preceded the album by a few months (or was is the other way around)? Another very convincing set of up-tempo power pop, a la a punked-up incarnation of the Knack and other groups of that ilk. My particular copy of Turn Up the Music, was pre-owned by a college radio station, hence some of static and pops, not to mention magic marker gibberish on the sleeve (which I was mostly able to Photoshop out). Should I find a cleaner copy a re-rip will be headed your way, but for now, enjoy as is.

01. Turn Up the Music
02. She's Got You
03. She Tells Me Nothing
04. Dead and Gone


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icastico said...

I don't remember which one came out first, but I remember them playing songs off of this one at a HS dance back in the day.