Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Charlie Burton and the Hiccups - I Heard That (1985, Wild)

Following up my Millions post from a couple days ago, is yet another vintage entry from the not-so-thriving hotbed of Lincoln, NE. Charlie Burton, with Hiccups in tow, play Rockpile-ish "pub-abilly" with graceful, if not always rewarding aplomb. With it's feistier moments (virtually all of which are contained on side one) such as "Not Too Much in Common (Anymore)," and "Dead Giveaway" somewhat evoking the rootsy propulsion of Elvis Costello's My Aim is True classic, "Mystery Dance," Burton's modus operendi is crystal clear. For more background info, click the hyperlink above for his homepage, and read what Trouser Press has to extol on the man. For more insight, fix your gaze on Robert Cristagau's assessment of said LP below:

The Hiccups make with good old guitar, bass, and drums while Charlie fakes some rockabilly up front, and when it works it's quite catchy in an utterly received sort of way. The conservatism isn't annoying or boring because although Charlie loves this music--listen to "One Man's Trash"--he doesn't give a damn for roots or form. He just wants to write some songs. I'm not sorry he doesn't share my liberal respect for Vietnam and world hunger, and when he diddleybops through his parents' coronaries I know why. Inspirational Verse: "Water's thick, but blood is thicker/Daddy (Mommy) had a bum, bum ticker." B+
01. Not Too Much in Common (Anymore)
02. All Time Low
03. Roadkill
04. Dead Giveaway
05. Hungry for Love
06. Creatures of Habit
07. Bum Ticker
08. Is That Wishfull Thinking (On My Part)
09. The "O" Song
10. Another Vietnam
11. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure
12. Nanook of the North




Thanks ! I didn't knew this lp ...
I think I got "Road kill" that we will rip one day or another !

jim kosmicki said...

Charlie was great - part of the same mindset of the world-renowned Zoo Bar in Lincoln that still rocks the town with bands like Brave Combo, Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Billy Bacon, etc. He actually self-released at least 4 albums, but this is the only one I was ever able to buy - glad to have it digitized.

jim kosmicki said...

I guess I should say Charlie IS great - he's playing tonight at the Zoo Bar with his new band The Dorothy Lynch Mob (named after a favorite regional salad dressing - Dorothy Lynch Salad Dressing)

spavid said...

Glad to see he's still going. Thanks for the info.

Jerry said...

"I Heard That" was Charlie's third album. I preferred his first two, "Is That Charlie Burton or What?!?!" and "Don't Fight the Band That Needs You"