Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shadow Minstrels - Great Expectations ep (1983, Pterodactyl)

The Shadow Minstrels track on the Best of the Radio Tokyo Tapes comp I shared last week had me scurrying back to this ep, quite possibly their only claim to the 12" vinyl realm. With a lineup that once boasted members that would go onto L.A. cult faves like The Gun Club and 45 Grave, the lineup that recorded Great Expectations settled on a good old fashioned darkwave/gothic motif The three track comprising the A-side has it's flip beaten hands down, and I think you'll agree. The guitars sound like they're straight off Siouxsie and the Banshee's JuJu, or an early Killing Joke album Per their bio:

Fusing contemporary concerns with street rhythms and progressive guitar textures, the Shadow Minstrels sound can be as monochromatic and angst-ridden as noted English bands Joy Division and Gang of Four, but he group never loses sight of the maintaining melodic hooks. This is one post-punk group that does not wallow in self-indulgent misery.

Dare I say the above is slightly too charitable? Give it a listen and feel free to leave your thoughts.
01. The Guest
02. Time She Stopped
03. Mardi Gras
04. Popular Song of the Hour
05. Great Expectations


zaprod said...

it was fun making this ep.it's nice to see others can appreciate it.it was worth the sacrifices it took to get there but thats what makes life worth living.i wouldn't change anything i did during those days in hollywood.NO REGRETS!

zap barreau,
bass player

WebVinyl said...

Hi - Thanks for posting this! My band, Mnemonic Devices, played several shows with them and, in fact, the last track on the EP, Alicia, features our singer/violinist Ann DeJarnett.

Snoopy said...

It was a lot of fun working with these guys who knew music of all my interest. Even though I came from listening to Santana, Yes, Pink Floyd, Weather Report, and of course my dad's salsa and Golden Oldies, I believed in this EP and the guys who helped expand my horizons. What's up Zap! I had no regrets too!

Ray Chenet

Snoopy said...
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Snoopy said...
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Aaron said...

Fine review and very nice to see comments from the band here, as well. Well done, all. I found this record at Third Eye in Long Beach yesterday and bought it on a whim, having a feeling it was going to scratch my post-punk itch. It does not disappoint!

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