Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Grace Babies - Frequency (1997, Shoreline)

The Grace Babies were a Halifax, NS quartet that transplanted themselves to Toronto by the time they got around to recording their sophomore album, Frequency. Kind of appropriate when you consider they were following in the footsteps of another Toronto act of the very same ilk, Treble Charger. Yep, more of that polished, yet riff-addled power pop type music, bejeweled with plump, succulant hooks, delivered in wall-to-wall fashion. The Babies weren't terribly far removed from their contenporaries to the south either, namely The Tories and Summercamp. If that doesn't light a fire under you, I might also note that Ferquency was produced by (The) Pursuit of Happiness prime-mover Moe Berg. You can go here to read some biographical info on the band, and moreover, drummer/vocalist Kevin Hilliard.

01. Sick (Missed You by a Mile)
02. Wore Glasses
03. Philosophy
04. Anyone But You
05. There You Are
06. Drag It Out
07. Head in the Clouds
08. Change My Mind
09. Traitor
10. Simple One
11. Cube Foot


biopunk said...

Thanks spavid!

I've been looking for something by these guys since I first heard them on late night CBC radio in the mid 90's. Don't know if they played much out west, or fell into the time frame of disintegrating distribution, because their stuff just wasn't in the shops.

Thanks again for the decade-plus music fix!

Unknown said...

Can this be reuploaded? Pretty please!