Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Martyrs - s/t (1982, Swab)

They look like the Shoes and thank the Vertebrates on the back sleeve, but ultimately, Champaign, Illinois' Martyrs don't particularly sound like either. While I can't pigeonhole them as power pop or punk they do sort of lean to the former. From what little I've been able to glean about them, The Martyrs had a popular local reputation back in their time. Later on in the '90s, singer/mouthpiece Kent Whitesell would contribute to the band Three Hour Tour, while skinsman John Richardson would later work with Tommy Keene. Word has it, the band was in their teens when this album was recorded. Fidelity wise, you'll hear your fair share of pops and static here, but if I get the opportunity, I'll give this baby a proper cleaning and re-upload should the results prove satisfactory. Til then, enjoy.

01. More Rubbish
02. Only Girl
03. Well of Hope
04. No Sense Makes Sense
05. Workers Anonymous
06. Trends of the Turmoil
07. Cruelty
08. Spur of the Moment
09. Offtrax
10. You and Those
11. Blind Faith
12. Killer
13. Open Your Eyes

Please click here for details on buying the CD reissue with bonus tracks!


Unknown said...

Yowza. Thanks for this!

Knoxx said...

Yeah, good stuff, thx! If and when...I'd love a cleaner rip. Thx for the post!

Unknown said...

Thanks, I haven't been able to listen to this for a long time. I have a new copy but no turntable.

Kent said...

This record has been remixed and remastered. Includes several bonus tracks, rare unreleased demos, and photos.
Live shows 1-21-11 and 1-22-11
This will be available for sale at and after the show.