Monday, September 28, 2009

Squalls - Rebel Shoes (1987, Dog Gone It)

With their main claim to fame being their appearance in the Athens, GA Inside Out bio-pic of the burgeoning college town music scene, the co-ed Squalls weren't exactly wont to follow in the footsteps of state-of-the-art hometown icons REM and Pylon. If any local comparisons are to be drawn, contemporaries Love Tractor might be a safe bet. Occasionally, there's a rollicking air to Rebel Shoes, but never rebellious. Quite linear at times in fact.
Trouser Press rekid guide espouses the notion that the album is "unaffectedly artless in its polite pop-folk-rock to strongly resemble any of their musical neighbors." Now if that doesn't just whet your ever lovin' appetite, I don't know what will. Perhaps the copious vinyl static? More Squalls goodness can be experienced by clicking the hyperlink above.

Speaking of Georgia rock 'n rollers, does anyone have that oh so scarce RF and the Radar Angels album?
01. Rebel Shoes
02. Night Train
03. Uh!
04. Dreamer
05. Cindy
06. Safe
07. The Price of Wails
08. Pretty Blue
09. Waiting
10. Actor
11. New Past
12. Waltzing Mathilda


suwandi1585 said...

thanxx 4 ur good article..

Unknown said...

consistantly great site. i have a collection of over 12,00 cd's & lp,s & haven't heard of some of your bands which fast became favorites. if you get rf & the radar angels please post it i've been looking for it for a few years. thank you

Exploding Pages said...

Thanks for sharing Rebel Shoes. I haven't heard "Waltzing Mathilda" in nearly 20 years and now I'm listening to it as I type this!

binkerbo said...

Speaking of Georgia rock 'n rollers, does anyone have that oh so scarce RF and the Radar Angels album?

Oh, one can only wish!

Unknown said...

wow! can you repost? - I have a copy of LP with what I now realize are mfr defects- (just bought another copy online and it has exact same defects)

spavid said...

Just updated the link. Thanks for the request. I can only hope my copy is less defective!

Unknown said...

Can you Re-up this link please? I'm also searching for the No Time as well.

Jesusrevelationinrecordsandanimation said...

Can you Re-up this link please?

Loudandnasty said...

Hi there. I'm a big fan of your blog and your dedication to sharing killer, obscure music with the world, a truly noble cause indeed. I include a link to the sought after RF and the Radar Angels album as a demonstration of my ongoing gratitude. Cheers from San Francisco!!

Kouzie said...

Hi - possible to repost this?

Rodrigo said...

Please, could you re-upload this album? The link is dead.