Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dreams So Real - live Charlotte, NC 11/11/88

Though fairly renown among perusers of this blog, Athens, GA's Dreams So Real were simply not destine to household name status (despite releasing a pair of albums on Arista). Nevertheless, the trio were as integral to my rock and roll schooling as The Replacements, U2, and of course their neighborhood buddies/mentors, REM. This bountiful live set from a 1988 North Carolina gig, finds the band in taught, bristling form, reproducing no less than nine tracks from their then-current, major label outing, Rough Night in Jerico. A handful of selections from their jangly Peter Buck-produced debut album Father's House, a brilliant early single cut "Everywhere Girl," as well as some surprise covers, round out a model performance.

The band's fan club/rarities collection, Nocturnal Omissions which I shared with you all the way back in December '07 will be re-ripped in the near future, to hopefully work out some of the glitches the original rip had. About a year ago, I posted a 45 by a Dreams So Real precursor band called Young Officers Movement that might also be to your liking. Otherwise, enjoy the show.

01. Intro
02. Melanie
03. Heart Of Stone
04. Love Fall Down
05. Open Your Eyes
06. California
07. The Tower
08. Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)
09. Maybe I'll Go Today
10. Victim
11. Distance
12. Bearing Witness
13. Birds of a Feather
14. Rough Night In Jericho
15. History
16. No Matter What (Badfinger)
17. The Seeker (The Who)
18. Everywhere Girl
19. Cherry Cherry (Neil Diamond)



Chan said...

I'm requesting an album by the Fastbacks Very Very Powerful Motor. Almost impossible finding it from any other blog. Thanks!

youti said...

Hi, U can please up the album The Bats Raw Eggs again???


spavid said...

Apparently the Fastbacks Motor cd is still in print, so I'm not at liberty to upload it. You can get a copy thru Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss?url=search-alias%3Dpopular&field-keywords=very+very+powerful+motor

As for the Bats, I don't think the band is cool with me sharing "Raw Eggs," as Rapidshare removed it from their servers. Sorry.

Chan said...

Ok. Thanks!

john sweet said...

would DEFINTITLY love the "Nocturnal O." re-upload. Amazing songs, but those skips & glitches drive me nuts. Still, better than a poke in the eye........

John Mc said...

Just found this old post. Would love it if this were re-posted one day....

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

John Mc said...

Got it - thanks for refreshing the link!!!!!