Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Killjoys - Starry (1994, WEA Canada)

Alright, here's another CD rip to tide you over until I get the chance to digitize more vinyl (hopefully in a few days). This one really is quite a corker that I was planning to upload anyway, so here you go. Like the Grace Babies posted below, The Killjoys were an aggregation from the Toronto, ON area that played punky guitar rock. Think the Doughboys Crush album mixed in with a little Atlantic Records-era Lemonheads, and you've pretty much figured out the Killjoys recipe. It's all here - slyly ironic songwriting in that Westerberg-ian way, driving melodies, brisk tempos, the works. Starry was the first of three Killjoys albums (Gimme Five and Melos Modos would follow in 1996 and '98 respectively. A potential upload of these may follow). "Today I Hate Everyone," "Sally Won't" and "Dana" are just as incisive and sharp as anything Evan Dando or John Kastner could concoct, if not even a little more potent. Instantly endearing stuff IMHO. They were a great band to see live as well. Just download this already and let me know what you think!

01. Today I Hate Everyone
02. Ungowa, Baby!
03. If I Were You
04. Candyland
05. Dana
06. Monkeysucker
07. Sally Won't
08. Any Day Now
09. Low
10. Headlong
11. Someplace



Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic album. Their live album is also great if you can find it!

pushrod said...

Coolness! It's been awhile since i listened to the Killjoys. Haven't heard the live record...maybe a future download?

johnnybgoode said...

Thank you for this exposure - I never heard of this band before and absolutely love it. Reminds me of Lovely-era Lemonheads. Can you please post the other 2 LPs. Much appreciated, Thanks again! Bucky

rakhmad dwi septian said...

please reupload this album , the link is already dead ..