Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wink - s/t (1982)

It was the fetching, Joan Miro-esque sleeve art that lured me to this record, although at the time it caught my eye I knew nothing of the band of the music within. In fact, even after giving it a few spins, I still don't have any biographical specifics on Wink to offer, even what part of the country they originated from. Another "mystery case" - you know the drill by now, but a lack of vital stats hasn't stopped me from posting records before. In a nutshell, the quartet, helmed by bassist/guitarists Skipper Wise and David Nielsen sounded like a custom fit for the skinny tie set. As was the case with the Young Executives record I shared below, Wink didn't hesitate to indulge in some hearty saxophone wails on occasion. Dare I say they vaguely recall the Pointed Sticks and/or The Bats (the American Bats that is)? I saw one brief online comparison to the Producers and Great Buildings, but I'd say that's significantly off target. At any rate, Wink made their own noise, and you can partake at your leisure.

01. Tell Her She's Ready
02. Find Me a Way
03. Nothing to You
04. Next to You
05. She Didn't See Me
06. Crazy About the Girl
07. Cracked Mirror
08. Out of my Sight
09. So Fine
10. Satisfaction Guaranteed
11. Writer


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Christian said...

hey, great blog, always top notch stuff. If possible any way you can re-up the Superdrag GREETINGS FROM TENNESSEE album (the link no longer works.) I have hunted high and low and it seems like you are the only guy who actually has a copy. Would be greatly appreciated. keep up the great blogging. Thanks

spavid said...

I'll try to re-up the Superdrag soon. Not a problem.

Unknown said...

all of your uploads on rapidshare are deleted i cant downlod nothing