Sunday, December 18, 2016

Do you really think they can go as fast as you in your '87 Trans Am?

Three eps and one cd single.



Konrad Useo said...

01 - D J - Unknown to me. Sounds very good.

02 - L W - Also unknown to me. Pretty nice. Sounds strangely familiar.

03 - P T L - Ditto. Sounds mighty fine.

04 - P C - Another unknown. I liked this one BEST!

Many thanks. May you have a wonderful Holiday season.

spavid said...

PC unknown? You mean you didn't recognize that voice? I might reveal who's singing after I take the link down. Glad you're having fun with these. said...

04-P C is well-known to me. ;)

Thanks for these!


Dollar Bin Hero said...

What did i miss??