Saturday, April 16, 2016

Replacements - Let it Be outtakes (1984)

I would assume this one isn't going to require much explanation. Here's nine items that were strewn on the cutting room floor for the Mats' breakthrough classic third album.  A handful of these were added as bonus cuts to the 2008 reissue of Let it Be, but in particular one really memorable number, "Who's Gonna Take Us Alive" was frustratingly left off.  There's also two versions of the non-LP "Sweet Girl," albeit less than a classic, I have to admit. Demos of "Gary..." and "Seen Your Video" don't sound drastically different than the finished product, but for us completists the slightest deviations warrant forensic examination.  And in case you're wondering the fidelity is impeccable, in spite of the relatively low bitrate.  Enjoy.

01. Sweet Girl #1
02. Sixteen Blue
03. Who's Gonna Take Us Alivc
04. Temptation Eyes
05. Sweet Girl #2
06. Perfectly Lethal
07. Seen Your Video
08. Walkin a Little Closer
09. Gary;s Got a Boner


Jobe said...

Let's see do I have this? yes...? no...? Shit I'd better grab it just in case. Many many thanks.

Ryan said...

Thanks much!