Friday, April 29, 2016

VA - Teen Line No. 5 (covering letters V to Z, 1977-89)

We're up to Vol. 5 in the Teen Line series, one of the finest and most consistent attempts to archive the most arcane and obscuro power-pop curious from the golden age of the genre.  Teen Line was a formally in-progress and now sadly incomplete and abandoned project that was in the hands of the Hyped to Death curators who were also responsible for the Messthetics and Homework series, loosely modeled after the considerably more renown Killed By Death DIY punk comp empire.

Painstakingly assembled from original vinyl records, and in some cases demo tapes, Teen Line numero 5 bears a couple of names that will be familiar to the Wilfully Obscure scrum, specifically Wild Giraffes and deep south legends the Windbreakers, but the bulk of this subterranean roster is a cast of virtual unknowns.  Thing is, H2D's quality control is so above par you'll actually make a point of acquainting yourself with some really appealing unknown quantities like Zoom, X Davis, Ways, not to mention comparatively household names Wednesday Week, Wishniaks, and Gary Valentine.  Really, how much more do I need to tell you, considering these comps basically sell themselves?  Get the lowdown on the full track list to your right.  Enjoy.

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Bruce K. said...

I wish this series had continued. If it restarted today, I would buy the next CD tomorrow. Great stuff.