Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reaction Formation - Mark David Chapman ep (1990, Never So Few)

I can't begin to rationalize why anyone would name a record after someone so hideous.  That aside, the six songs enshrined within compensate tremendously, with the first half residing in the realm of latter-period Mats, Material Issue and even Minneapolis' unheralded Magnolias.  "Teenage Jesus" has all the makings of a scruffy classic.  The remainder of MDC is less fiery, but nearly as appealing with "Share" and "Jeff" wielding a janglier aptitude that must have slotted in well on left-of-the-dial playlists, de rigueur in Reaction Fromation's day.  A smattering of singles were cut by these guys as well, one of which, "Galesburg Bound" you can try on for size here

01. Teenage Jesus
02. Bob's Lament
03. Dead People
04. God I Don't Know
05. Share
06. Jeff


Greg Adams said...

I saw this band live at The Patio in Indianapolis in the early 1990s. Totally forgot about them until you posted this.

Komodo Moses said...

would love these for the next round of re-ups if ya still got em!