Friday, April 22, 2016

Sideshow - s/t (1990, Caulfield)

Flying well below the radar, Sideshow's Lip Read Confusion LP, circa 1995, managed to log some serious hours in the various CD listening implements of yours truly, but the Lincoln, NE band was never to be heard from again.  While I was aware of the full length that materialized before it, Eggplants and Sunspots, I had no idea there was an album that preceded both, namely the self-titled disk I'm presenting today. Emo before it was "hip" to be such a thing, Sideshow's post-hardcore aplomb vaguely resembled a lo-fi schematic of say, Quicksand, fortifying their angsty crunch with some discernible melody.  Coincidentally or not, their east coast contemporaries Garden Variety were plugged into the same aesthetic.  If you're looking for a couple of highlights "Veil of Happiness" and is profoundly indebted to the emocore blueprint spread out by the originators of the form Rites of Spring, and interestingly enough, "Kick in the Teeth" is propelled by an conspicuous ska syncopation.  In addition to Sideshow, check out a 1993 7" I shared by the trio here.

01. Halspar
02. Down
03. Veil of Happiness
04. Groove
05. Kick in the Teeth
06. These Words
07. Right
08. M

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