Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ripe - Filterfeed (1990, Polyester)

I more or less passed on Ripe's 1993 album The Plastic Hassle, but when I found a copy of this one a year or so back I didn't hesitate to dive in.  Smart move, as Filterfeed is considerably more inviting.  Smart, tuneful indie rock not far removed from Straitjacket Fit's swirly schtick, though Ripe hailed from Melbourne, Australia, not the Kiwi isles.  In my online excavation of Ripe, I was greeted with the proposition that this foursome was once touted as "the next Sonic Youth."  Bit of a stretch there, as the likes of "Spacesuit 4 2" and "Julie" foreshadowed the noisier end of '90s Britpop if anything.  I really wish this had been made available on CD, as my copy of Filterfeed is laden with extraneous vinyl noise.  Anti-static inner sleeve be damned.  In addition to their two full lengths Ripe released four times as many singles/eps.

01. Filterfeed
02. Spacesuit 4 2
03. Tensehead
04. Dream Killer
05. Dodging the Steamroller
06. Impact is So Harad
07. The Hedgeburner Tales
08. Halfway Back
09. Julie
10. Easy


johnnybgoode said...

really looking forward to hearing this LP. i have their single called"the most" which i really enjoyed. i remember the sound on that 45 was bonzo (in a good way). the kind of sound you dont hear on a sterile CD... makes me want to dig up that single. anyway, thanks for this!

Ryan said...

re-up, please?

Unknown said...

re-upload, link down. Great Band please Re-upload?

Anonymous said...

please reup this one. Many thanks!!

WomblyOne said...

I would be very grateful if you would please reup this Ripe album Filterfeed. Many thanks!

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