Tuesday, June 30, 2015

God's Favorite - Myrmidon ep (1985)

Despite their chosen moniker and song titles like "Blue Heaven" there doesn't seem to be any religious agenda permeating Myrmidon, what seems to be this L.A. quintet's lone release.  God's Favorite dole out five, speckless tunes slipping vaguely into the "wave" realm, laced with gentle flourishes of piano.  Fans of Roxy Music, Dream Academy and the Grapes of Wrath might find something of note here, though these gentlemen don't necessarily possess the charisma of the aforementioned.  Oddly enough, an outtake from these sessions "Children Eat Dirt," posted on YouTube bears more of an edge (a la the Teardrop Explodes no less) than anything on the record itself.  It's submitted below for your approval.

01. Blue Heaven
02. Julie Saxby's Diary
03. (Hurry, Hurry) Sunday
04. Parade of Toys
05. Lights Out


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vootie said...

Wow. "Children Eat Dirt" is to The Teardrops what Utopia's "Outstanding in Their Field" is to The Beatles.