Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rein Sanction - "Creel" 7" (1991, Sub Pop)

My junior year of high school.  Picture this.  No extracurricular activities, piss poor grades in math, pathetic part time jobs stocking shelves and sacking groceries, acne, and unremitting rejection from the fairer sex.  My consolation?  Bands like Rein Sanction, who btw were a very recent Mystery Monday entry. 

Three unlikely long-hairs from Jacksonville, FL rising from the muck of the St. Johns River, who ironically didn't specialize in grunge-cum-metal, but a more technically finessed strain of downer indie rock they could truly claim as their own.  Dissonance, feedback and gloom are key watchwords here.  Indulge in sheer mountains of noodly guitar-work that only the likes of J Mascis could dutifully mangle to anywhere near the extent of this trio.  Mark Gentry's weary, wounded wails are the appropriate icing on this splendidly noise-addled cake.  The b-side is exclusive to this 45, but "Creel" can also be experienced on Rein Sanction's 1991 LP, Broc's Cabin, available digitally from Sub Pop and elsewhere.  I've made some of the band's earlier recordings available here in an entry from two years ago.

A. Creel
B. Willow Branch


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The first paragraph of your review could be the beginning of a novel (or an opening explano of a screenplay). Feel free to provide more scenes, details, and background in upcoming weeks.

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Wishful thinking Bruce You really think you're going to get a full blown autobiography out of me>