Saturday, June 6, 2015

Comsat Angels - Manchester, UK 10-12-83 & Fiction-era demos.

It looks like those mondo Comsat Angels deluxe editions are going to be delayed almost until Christmas, so to tide you over I thought I'd share this.  A brief but right good live set from late 1983, featuring a bevy of tracks that were contemporary to their fourth album, Land, topped off with their 1980 classic "Independence Day."  The C.S. Angels has going for a decidedly more mainstream vibe on that album, but you'd hardly know it from this concert, originally broadcast on the BBC.

Secondly, we have a batch of demos the boys were working in on in preparation for their last truly landmark classic LP, FictionFiction was the final record in a spectacular trifecta preceded by Waiting for a Miracle (1980) and Sleep No More which came a year later.  Among the nine tracks are two untitled pieces that failed to make the album cut.

You can download both in MP3 in a single file, or separately in lossless FLAC.  BTW, last month I featured the Comsat's Unravelled, a scarce 1994 import featuring radio sessions and the like from the Mind's Eye era.  Check it out here.

Live 10-12-83, Manchester, UK
01. Nature Trails
02. Will You Stay Tonight?
03. Mister Memory
04. Real Story
05. What Else!?
06. Alicia (Can You Hear Me?)
07.  Island Heart
08. Independence Day

Fiction-era demos
09. What Else
10. After the Rain
11. untitled #1
12. Not a World
13. Birdman
14. Pictures
15. Private Part
16. untitled #2
17. More

Get both in MP3 or live in FLAC & demos in FLAC


Nick Robinson said...

Check out Andy's new band & CD....

Pete Porpoise said...

These demos are superb! Thanks for sharing! Look forward to anything else Comsat Angels you might post!!!! :)