Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lilys - Services for the Soon to be Departed ep (1997, Primary/Che)

I'm pressed for time, so a brief write-up is all that I have to offer tonight.  Then again, the Lilys' reputation is pretty damn well known, so I'm in luck I suppose.  By the mid '90s they had shed their shoegaze cocoon almost completely, so be prepared for that.  I've always said the Lilys never made the same album twice.  Perhaps the same can be said for their eps too.  If you dug 1996's, Brit Invasion-inflected Better Can't Make Your Life Better, Services... is roughly in the same ballpark.  Enjoy (or not).

01-Hark, An Open Channel
02-The Energy Channel (Tayt Variation)
03-Icy Water, Water Everywhere
04-The First Half Second
06-The Gravity Free Atmosphere Of MSA


Rai-Ku said...

Reminds me of if the YardBirds and The Beach Boys joined sounds with the guitars of The Beatles.

Scaggsaway said...

Does the last song end abruptly?

Pete Porpoise said...

Some of these tracks were bsides on A Nanny In Manhattan on the UK cd single. They are awesome songs!

spavid said...

That last one ends abruptly. Intentional from what I can tell.

robgronotte said...

Link Dead :(