Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vivid - singles (1992, Relentless)

Vivid were a little known Asbury Park, NJ trio who owed a considerably higher sonic debt to the likes of the Alarm, Rhythm Corps, and even Cactus World News than "The Boss."  I know not if these were the only recordings they had to offer.  "Breathe"/"Stand Alone" ranks well above the other 45, which I've also included.  I know for a fact that these were shopped to college radio outlets, but Vivid would have had far greater commercial potential if they made the rounds in 1986, as opposed to the post-Nirvana era.  Abundant echo-ridden guitar passages and soaring vox rule the roost here, that will no doubt do fans of early U2 (and the aforementioned) more than enough justice.  A live YouTube clip is provided below.

01. Breathe
02. Stand Alone
03. Blinding Light
04. Silent Lonely Room



Lucas Gelati said...

That was really neat!

According to their youtube page, yes, they only released those 4 songs, but their live shows there have another five songs:
My Eyes, The Mirror
The Jetty
Shiny Metal Few (Orion)
Upside Down
Nothing Personal
I ripped the audio from the videos and put them on mediafire:
You can use them on your post if you want :)
Thanks for sharing!

spavid said...

Thanks Lucas! Really appreciate you going to the trouble. Gonna load these on my MP3 player for work tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing.

Unknown said...

nice video..

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