Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Graham Repulski - Lineman Poems ep & Liquid Pig Heart ep - A brief overview

Lo-fi outlier Graham Repulski has been a prodigiously cool acolyte of Guided By Voices' Robert Pollard since his 2010 debut Man Pop, not only adopting the Fading Captain's sonic boilerplate, but catching up to him in terms of an almost equally vigorous release itinerary.   Two newly minted eps, Lineman Poems and Liquid Pig Heart (paired on a cassette or available digitally) don't particularly deviate from last year's My Color is Red 7" and the generously maxed-out Into an Animal Together long player, though I'm hardly complaining.  Between his two latest and greatest, we have eleven new cuts clocking in at an average of one minute apiece, which happens to be plenty of time for Mr. Repulski to exercise his homegrown penchant for meshing mildly displaced vocals with all manner of tinny, static-ridden instrumentation.  The effect is not unlike that of Propeller-era GBV fed through Polvo's fractured delivery system, with early Sebadoh festooned to the top of the car (a la Mitt Romney's precious mutt) for good measure.  Click the links above to buy/stream both titles!

"Rancid Heart" from Lineman Poems
"Asleep at the Deep" from Liquid Pig Heart

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