Sunday, August 12, 2012

Honest Injun - The Rosenthal Effect ep (1986)

Feels like it's been eons since I've had an honest to goodness (or in this case, "honest to injun," he he) punk record to offer up, but this slab of licorice pizza ought to rectify that.  Honest Injun were from Ottawa, ON according to the contact details on the back sleeve.  I was somewhat keen on The Rosenthal Effect the first time I laid ears on it, but now I'm merely meh.  Relatively generic hardcore with Western political concerns.  Reminds me of a myriad of Midwestern American h/c acts from the mid '80s, which not-so-coincidentally is when this disk dates from.  Gratifying Naked Raygun-style riffs crop up intermittently, but not a hook in sight, despite some fleeting artsy tangents.  It appears another Ottawa band I previously featured, Fluid Waffle (later Furnaceface), had loose connections to these guys.  Boogie til ya puke ya'll, and sorry in advance for the pesky vinyl noise.

01. Give & Take
02. Bats
03. Snake/Life
04. Sued the World
05. I'm Spilling (live)
06. Sterile Hands
07. Da Stomp
08. Fatherland America
09. Trained But Failed
10. An Enemy
11. Sweats Production

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