Monday, August 13, 2012

Fighting Cause - Deadtown 7" ep (1994, Last Resort)

I was thoroughly bowled over by this San Bernardino quartet's contribution ("My Crime") to the 1995 Viva La Vinyl compilation, and immediately jumped at the chance to mail-order this 7" outta the pages of Maximum Rock 'n Roll to see what else Fighting Cause had in store for me.  Just what the doctor ordered - four more power-punk nuggets bearing a similar moxie to acts like Moral Crux, Crimpshrine, and even Scared of Chaka.  Bear in mind Deadtown came on the market when the majority of the burgeoning Epitaph and Fat records stable were honing their soon-to-be ubiquitous glossy punk sound, ersatz and pedantic as it often was.  Fighting Cause put the bulk of that homogenized dreck to utter shame if you ask me.  For whatever the reason, I failed to follow up on these guys and missed a full length they released before they disbanded.  If anyone has it, please share away.

01. In the Dark
02. Dead Town
03. Just Another Attitude
04. Media Speak


Shadyscribe67 said...

Thanks for the great review! Been a long time since anyone has mentioned us. I was the drummer/founder of the FC. I originally started FC in High School but it didnt last but a year maybe. By 93, I started it up again with my Orig bassist. Thanks again for the kind words on band. I have an extra copy of the full length. Shoot me your address - it's yours!
- Ron L. Tidwell
PS...I play drums for a punk band from SO cal...called Standard and might like that at well...

modestmario said...

Buddy, please reup Fighting Cause - Deadtown 7" ep. With best wishes ;)