Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Harlows - tape (1996)

The only pertinent info I was able to find on Minneapolis' Harlows was a 1999 article indicating that around that time the group had released a double CD featuring songs from four of their independent releases.  Unfortunately, they didn't make it onto my radar until last year, but the eight-song cassette I'm sharing is of considerable compensation.  A co-ed quartet, The Harlows dealt in buoyant, indie guitar pop in the mold of the Spinanes and Versus.  Singer Rachel has a vocal timbre not far disconnected from Sarah Shannon of Velocity Girl.  Excellent songs, which by the way often hearken of Johnny Marr's chiming guitar-work.  This was beyond a pleasant surprise.

01. Purposeful Heart
02. Tsunami
03. Anyway
04. Jetlag
05. Shiner
06. Lean
07. April Shakes
08. Escar Go Karts



Unknown said...

wow, me and my brother played in the band. thanks for posting and nice words. :)

spavid said...

Thanks for checking in Michael. Any ideas on where I can find the CD I mentioned?

Unknown said...

yeah, i have one somewhere...but my brother must have a few. i'll see if i can get one for you. I do have about a dozen copies of the 1st demo tape also...i read your blog all the time. very cool.