Thursday, March 29, 2012

9-Iron - s/t (1993, Safe House)

The following chunk of low-brow, riff-pop is brought to you by ex-Love Child guy Will Baum, who from what little I've been able to glean supposedly took some keen inspiration from Jonathan Richman for the first 9-Iron album.  There's more than a hint of irony abounding amongst the thirteen songs presented within, but this L.A. trio is no more quick-witted than say, Nerf Herder.  Taught, tuneful rockers like "State Trooper" and "Blood on the Sheets" pass themselves off as relatively assertive, but aside from a handful of faint glimmers, the remainder of 9-Iron typically lacks oomph.  Speaking of irony, "Met Her On Line" has no tie-in with the then nascent World Wide Web.

01. Girl From 911
02. State Trooper
03. Movie Tonight?
04. Coffee Shop
05. Christina's Blue & Gold
06. The Girl Won't Listen
07. Butcher Shoppe
08. Dollar Bills
09. Meet Her on Line
10. Blood on the Sheets
11. How to Talk to Girls
12. She Hasn't Called
13. Looking Forward

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