Friday, March 30, 2012

Eureka - demo (199?)

Well, I'm not exactly going to be dedicating a book to this one, as vital stats are minimal at best.  I picked up this trio's tape in the mid-90s from the college radio station I dj'd at, and recollect being highly impressed with it fifteen years ago.  Eureka did the indie guitar-rawk thing quite earnestly I might add, not far removed from the Replacements and Figgs, albeit doled out in a slightly more pedestrian package.  Innovation is hardly a buzzword here, but Eureka's willingness to disavow any sort of studio gloss lends a refreshingly organic aesthetic to this quartet of songs.  Judging from the 512-area code gracing the cassette label, I would venture a guess that the band were in or damn close to the environs of Austin, TX.  They have a Soundclick page where you can stream these songs and five more, however my rip was taken straight from the source tape depicted above.

01. Marbles
02. Taffy
03. Catsup
04. Blockhead


96ataxic said...

Link not working, no file on RS.

spavid said...

Thanks for alerting me about this. I'm not sure why it was pulled. Check the comments again in a few days.

Rev. Dave said...

The link still works for me, but you have to snip out the "%20" but from the URL.

spavid said...

Will do. Thanks Rev. Dave