Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Blanks - ...if this had been an actual emergency... mLP (1990, Falsified)

While there have been many a rock and roll combo laying claim to "The Blanks" moniker, these ____ called Birmingham, MI home base.  Moreover, they tended to genre hop at will, commencing ...actual emergency with a cynical hardcore blast, "Be False to Your School," it's title a parody of a significantly more popular song (duh).  This is followed up with a shard of icy, brooding post-punk, "Holy Shroud of Ruin," this mini-LP's crowning achievement, which for what it's worth flies straight in the face of ...emergency's decidedly frivolous sleeve art.  "Flying Lessons" is a memorable and melodic lament, and later, side two offers a punk rock keeper in "Government Shutdown," vaguely recalling Middle Class and Social Unrest.  The record draws to it's inevitable nadir on the reggae-fied "Weekend Education."  Not overly derivative or innovative, The Blanks are what they are...or should I say, were what they were.   

01. Be False to Your School
02. Holy Shroud of Ruin
03. Flying Lessons
04. Government Shutdown
05. For Phil (Ochs) and Others
06. Stray Shadows
07. Weekend Education

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