Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Forty Nineteens - No Expiration Date (2011, Heyday) - a brief overview

Last October when I assembled my "want list" of frustratingly tough to find recordings, I mentioned I was seeking The Leonards Blister ep.  It turned out that the Detroit by way of L.A. outfit had a slightly more pronounced reputation than I originally thought, and in addition to the elusive ep was a retrospective disk available on CD Baby.  Ultimately I was able to track down Leonards drummer Nick Zeigler who was able to fulfill my request (thanks!).  I'm going to dedicate a separate entry to the Blister ep in the near future, however Nick had the gumption and the good sense to send me a 2011 full length by his current band, The Forty Nineteens.

No Expiration Date is as about as straight-up rock 'n roll you're likely to lay your hands on these days.  The Forty Nineteens have put roots down in a muscular foundation of bar-rock, with a hint of Americana and Southern boogie.  A familiar formula, true, but it takes just the right songs to be brought to the table, and this Temecula, CA four-pack has bellied up to the bar with plenty, including the fervent rave-up "Truckers Song," the rumbling "Turn It Around," and what is likely my pick for the album, "Out of Time's" flirtatious jangle pop.    No Expiration Date is available from CD Baby and iTunes.

You can read more about the Forty Nineteens and check out videos and show announcements here.

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Megan Lambright said...

Thanks for the link!

I can't think of a better album to listen to this summer!