Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Clock - s/t ep (1988, White Canvas)

I'm a bit on the fence regarding this one.  When this record saw the light of day in 1988, new wave was in it's final throes, but this Boston-area four piece seemed intent on clinging to that genre's disintegrating vestiges.  The Big Clock ep is not unlike what The Fixx and Duran Duran were driving at around the same time, particularly the latter's faltering lukewarm waste, Big Time.  I have to give Big Clock credit for according these grooves with a mildly noir vibe that goes a significant way in salvaging these four tunes into something almost memorable.  Almost.  Well, alright, "This Night" is a keeper, but the accompanying tracks don't fare as successfully.  In 1990 a full length from these folks surfaced, dubbed The Boy With the Wooden Head, but it has yet to grace my ears.

01. New Emotion
02. No Halo
03. This Night
04. Dark Cloud

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