Thursday, February 23, 2012

Milo - demo (1993)

Throughout the '90s, it seemed like every time I reached for the mailbox awaiting me would be an update of new music releases carried by Parasol Records, an indie label in Urbana, IL that also coupled as a distro for zillions of other labels.  On many of these mailings I would see a listing for the band Milo.  At the time I had no familiarity with them, so I was accustom to skimming over their name, but upon belatedly hearing this five song tape by nearly two decades, I regret not having investigated this Champaign trio.  Milo subscribed to a scraggly, indie guitar-punk ethos, recalling at times Titanic Love Affair, the Magnolias, Finger, Liquor Giants, and by virtue indirectly, the Replacements.  Nothing fancy, but effective, and judging how they poised themselves among this nascent batch of rollicking tunes they deserved way more attention than they were likely to have ever received...but we haven't heard that woeful rock and roll tale before, have we?

01. Empty 'em
02. King of the City
03. Ribbons and Bows
04. The Best Part
05. I Get Burned


Todd said...

I guess you know the fate of Parasol last December, eh?

spavid said...

I found out about it a few days ago unfortunately. They probably had a nice fat blowout sale that I completely missed the boat on. I want to Parasol HQ in 2005 and had fun. Sad to see them go.