Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Iodine Raincoats - I Wonder ep (1988)

The Iodine Raincoats?  With a curious and imaginative moniker like that how could I possibly resist?  I was expecting something akin to early Primal Scream or Close Lobsters, but this Detroit outfit where hardly the C86 castaways I was anticipating.  I/R actually skewed firmly between the left and center of the dial, and would have slotted in well amidst the "edgier" contingent of the AOR neighborhood.  I Wonder isn't far removed from the work of their hometown contemporaries The Rhythm Corps, and to a lesser degree The Alarm (sans the anthemic bravado thankfully).  Four more I/R songs are available here.

01. I Wonder
02. Everyman
03. Hope of the Future
04. Yesterday's Dream


Shriner said...

I was in this band briefly (post-EP). Out of curiousity -- what drew your attention to this one?

spavid said...

I took a chance on this record upon finding it at a price I couldn't refuse at a record show last year. Moreover, I was lured in by the sleeve art, and as I mentioned the snazzy band name. At the time my purchase was based purely on visual appeal - and I know a gem when I spot one.