Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Grip Weeds - See You Through 7" ep (1992, Ground Up)

Upon rediscovering power pop in the mid-90s, The Grip Weeds were a staple on my stereo, particularly their 1998 sophomore platter, The Sound Is In You, which I consider to be their utmost achievement.  Much had been made of the Weeds' psyche-pop proclivities, but unlike their Californian revivalist counterparts from a decade prior, this sublime New Jersey quartet was decked out in all things Merseybeat, not paisley.  If that notion is evident anywhere in their generally excellent catalog, you can bet it's front and center on these three beauties.  It's as if the British Invasion came back with a screaming vengeance on See You Through, which in all honesty derives just as much Ricken-kissed bliss from Roger McGuinn as across-the-pond pioneers the Hollies and Zombies.  When the band's first proper full length House of Vibes was reissued in 2007, this ep would have functioned as perfectly logical bonus track fodder, but a hodgepodge of demos and live material were favored instead.  Fear not, for I have the entire thing digitized for you below, taken straight from an original vinyl copy (though I've borrowed the sleeve scans from The Grip Weeds website).

A. Used to Play
B1. Gone From the Day
B2. Hard to Take


The Salvager said...

Very Nice! Thank you so much, this was one from them that I could not find!

Henro said...

Hi spavid, I know the original post is really old but if you still have the file of Grip Weeds - See You Through, I'd love a reup whenever/if you have time. Thank you for a cool blog!

Tidesworthy said...

Hi, Any chance of a re-up on this one? THANKS!