Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Attachments - s/t ep (1983, Art & Economix)

Is it just me or does the jacket of this disk conjure up a pack of cigarettes?  Just checking.  Attachments were a female fronted six-piece from Seattle, whose seductive, new-wavey exploits often packed an unabashed dance floor-savvy punch.   A through-and-through product of their era, there isn't an abundant amount of innovation afoot in these grooves, though I should note that Sally Schlosstein's pipes crack some ungodly high registers on "Why Don't You Come Back & See Me."  Make of Attachments what you will.

01. Why Don't You Come Back & See Me
02. All I Need From You
03. Red Lines
04. Had to Bridge a Gap



Brushback said...

Yeah, like Parliments or something.

spavid said...

Was on the tip of my tongue. Thanks for finishing my thought!

Cresh Wainright said...

laughed out loud at your "looks like a pack of cigarettes", haha, and, yes it does!!! You definitely have a way with words in your reviews, thank you for the humor and info!! Cresh

Cresh Wainright said...
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PoodleHead2005 said...


A friend of mine wants a re-up of this EP. Thanks in advance! :)

Chris Freeman said...

Chris Freeman, bass player for Attachments here. Just posted a page on Attachments on my webpage and our entire discography is now up on YouTube: