Thursday, December 15, 2011

Half String - A Fascination With Heights (1996, Independent Project)

It's a wonder I didn't latch onto Half String when they were still going in the '90s, but then again a lot of stuff was vying for my attention during that bustling era of music and such.  Inspired into action by woozy, across-the-pond exports Ride and Lush, this Tempe, AZ unit opted for a less-drowsy formula that was more in tune with Springhouse, and proto-shoegazers Pale Saints.  A Fascination With Heights boasts a wide array of glistening, echoey guitar fills with some faint downer sensibilities, perfect for when you're craving a 'sad soundtrack' that doesn't skimp on sophistication and musicianship.  This album was preceded by a collection of eps, Eclipse * Oval * Hue, which is available for the taking here, along with a healthy dose of text relating to Half String.

01. shell life
02. backstroke
03. hurrah?
04. ...
05. departures
06. a fascination with heights
07. momentum
08. lolligag
09. the apathy parade
10. numbers and fingers

Now available on Bandcamp.


spe-lunk-er2000 said...

Captured Tracks is reissuing some Half String material

spavid said...

Interesting. I'll be on the lookout for that.

jesse treece said...

so great to see this! captured tracks is also reissuing long out of print alison's halo material later this year.

Richard of DM said...

I have been looking for this album for YEARS! I couldn't remember the band, the album title, or any of the songs. I just remembered what the cover looked like vaguely and that I really enjoyed it. As I was going through your pages, it occurred to me to contact you for clues but I didn't have to because THERE IT WAS! Half String - A Fascination With Heights? Would I have ever been able to remember that on my own? Hell no! So thanks! This blog is terrific.

Lainagier said...

So's you know, Half String are selling this album on their Bandcamp (including on original-issue CD, by god), as well as Eclipse*Oval*Hue and more of their back catalogue.

spavid said...

Ok. Thanks for the heads up.